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Incident Reporting Software

How Can an Incident Reporting Software Ensure Safety Success in Workplace?

From almost stumbling off the stairs to barely avoiding a falling object, each one of us has experienced such incidents.

Can you recall your reaction to the mishap that didn’t actually occur but just barely was missed. Such incidents can be a genuine concern, as people know how closely they have avoided an injury or damage to property, or both.

On job sites such near-hits (were called near-misses) should capture undivided attention. When safety on the job is compromised, organizations must come up with the necessary fixes. Also, “the blame game” in the workplace can be very frustrating. Since some are typically inclined to “avoid any responsibility,” some either accuse the system or may cast allegations to others.

Organizations owe incident reporting to themselves, and strong laws force them to make workplace safety their number one priority. However, despite the strict standards and safety measures in place, 2.3 million people worldwide succumb to business-related injuries and illnesses every year.

So, how can the incidents set in motion by a series of unintended or unanticipated acts be controlled?

Fortunately, with modern and innovative incident reporting software like Preverly, organizations can achieve success in controlling and eliminating accidents at work sites.

With digitized incident reporting software like Preverly, workers can easily report and instantly provide information about any incident or mishap. Also, this will give the higher authorities an idea to make decisions immediately and take the necessary action to improve safety.

With an Incident Reporting Software, Prevention is better than cure

Following the footprints of the old saying “prevention is better than cure,” an incident reporting software like Preverly intelligently interprets the causal factors that may lead to an incident or mishap.

The importance of the use of incident response management software should start from the top level in every organization. What usually happens is that management takes such steps when they incur losses due to any incident. However, investing in an incident reporting system software that effectively captures, identifies, analyses, manages, and reports the incident is a proactive measure to prevent and control unplanned events in the workplace.

Preverly is one of its kind and the most effective incident reporting software for organizations engaged in any activities that imply risk, exposure, and hazards. The solution is capable of monitoring, reporting, and capturing data. It is a fool-proof system to stop unintended incidents in the workplace.

Have a thorough look at this blog and understand how this incident management software can benefit your workplace.

Stop Wasting Time and Accelerate the Incident Tracking Process

Time management is very important to organizations. In the quest for increasing operational effectiveness, organizations need to constantly improve their efficiencies and reduce wasteful activities and practices.

An incident reporting software can help bridge the gap between technologies and help organizations become more time efficient. Organizations can also achieve consistent, collaborative environments in which an incident can be reported instantly and the response time reduced by 50%.

Save Revenue and Strive for Greater Productivity

One of the primary directives that companies follow when thinking of implementing new software is this: does it reduce the cost of doing business?

An incident reporting software follows the same approach. It is a Cloud-based SaaS platform that can capture data, store records in multiple forms, send notifications in case of an incident, and calculate the probability of incident occurrence.

Eliminate Human Error and Ensure Complete Transparency

The manual system of recording safety incidences invites human errors. But with an incident reporting software, everyone will be able to perform tasks accurately as it will provide transparency at every level, be it in incident reporting or any other incident management related tasks. Such features make it the most comprehensive solution that brings real accountability to any business.

Advanced System Setup Without Fear Of Being Outdated

Digitization has changed the dynamics of service requests. An incident tracking software like Preverly is entirely incumbent in using and updating information from multiple devices and providing information in real-time to ensure an incident-free workplace.

Seamless employee participation

Preverly is a system that is inclusive of organizational and worker’s needs, is easy-to-use in terms of incident reporting and allows participation of all employees. To ensure every incident is reported incident reporting software like Preverly will enable individuals to communicate instantly through email or notification from the mobile app.

Unravel the root of the problem

Though mishaps are unplanned, each has circumstances, causal factors and causal agents, and logical results (where one event can prompt a chain of development.) To successfully battle unwanted events, organizations can implement an incident reporting software like Preverly, which can thoroughly determine the cause of the incident and alert everyone involved about the event so that necessary changes can be done to avoid the incident from happening.


Every person wishes to work in a safe environment. Organizations can achieve productivity only if employees are inspired and motivated to achieve and nurture a safe working environment.

Implementing an incident reporting software is the best choice to eliminate manual incident reporting processes and enhance workplace safety.

With such an incident reporting system, organizations will be able to foresee incidents, build safety protocols for workers like never before, and create such an environment for workers that will bring operational excellence and sustainability by following a safe-production approach for employees.

There is a small gap of opportunity between the happening and prevention of an incident. Often, corrective steps like the implementation of incident management software tilt the balance in favor of prevention of an incident which can save time and money for an organization.

Get incident reporting software like Preverly to effectively eliminate the occurrence of incidents in your organization.

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