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4 Important Steps

4 Reasons Why Incident Management Software Is Important?

Preverly incident reporting software helps you create a better safety environment at your workplace. Our incident reporting software enables companies to report unexpected incidents at the workplace. In simple words, our incident reporting software allows workers to report any incidents from any electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers so that the issue gets escalated instantly. Preverly’s incident reporting software is designed in a way that helps you resolve the issues smoothly. Moreover, this cloud-based incident reporting software is widely used in industries like oil & gas, mining, manufacturing, construction, chemical, etc.

4 Important Steps in Incident Reporting Made Easier with Safety Tracking Software

Incident Detection

Whenever any incident occurs in your workplace, we suggest that you immediately report the incident that has caused any injury or damage. When such an incident happens, the initial move is to address the immediate situation: turning off the machines (if any), moving employees to a safe zone, and providing emergency medical support if required. Once the primary tasks are done, the very next step is to collect documents and other information about the mishap as soon as possible.

  • What needs to be updated in the incident reporting software?
  • Photos and video evidence
  • Injuries and fatalities information

Root Cause Analysis

Once you are done with the primary tasks, move to the investigation phase. When an incident happens at the workplace, you need to look beyond the accidental causes and less visible areas that trigger hazards.

A reliable root cause analysis will help recognize any potential causes for the mishap and the circumstances that drove up to the incident.

Following are the critical questions that make the analysis successful:

  • What happened?
  • How did it happen?
  • Why did it happen?
  • What needs to be corrected?

Paper-based incident reporting systems mean documenting any changes manually, with no accurate data of the incident.

Our incident reporting software Preverly equips you with a fully traceable incident investigation facility, which lets you keep track of everything at all phases.

Corrective Action and Preventive Action

Using our safety incident management software Preverly, you can create and assign corrective actions and preventative actions as part of the investigation process of any venture. These actions are managed through the CAPA system, which will designate follow-up action tasks to workers. Workers will also receive email reminders to get the jobs done on time. This entire process will increase safety in the workplace.

All Corrective Actions and Preventative Actions will be available for analysis using the data analytics features and show trends across various departments and worksites, with robust reporting capabilities. Organizations need to investigate incidents to decrease workplace injuries, ensure worker safety, and prevent a recurrence. Our safety observations management software provides management with real-time, accurate analysis of the incident inspections anytime, anywhere.

Incident Closure

We usually think that when an incident has occurred, it will not happen again, but this is not good practice. All we need to do is to take appropriate steps to make sure it does not repeat. The resolution you take needs to be monitored to make sure it is fail-safe and working well.

Efficient incident management is crucial for ensuring your company learns from its previous mistakes that the incident information is shared with all employees, and the appropriate steps are taken to make sure the same errors do not repeat. This will help you in preventing:

  • The recurrence of costly and deadly incidents
  • Prolonged absences of key team members
  • Future delays in product and service delivery to customers; and
  • The development of a negative image or reputation

Why Preverly?

Adoption of our cloud-based safety incident software will be a great add-on to your company. Preverly’s incident reporting software offers numerous benefits, and a few of them are listed below:

  • Simplifies incident reporting through mobile and web-based applications
  • Reduces delays in reporting incidents
  • Minimizes delays in communication so that the issue gets escalated instantly

Our incident reporting software’s mobile app can be operated with or without an internet connection. When you update any incident while you are offline, the data will be stored in the device and uploaded to the cloud once the device connects to the internet. Using this application, any employee can report an incident without any hassle because of its simple and user-friendly interface.


Preverly, it typically provides companies with a secure space to store their health and safety data. Being specific to health and safety means the product has bespoke templates that suit the regulatory requirements and guide users into compliance. Most also offer electronic signing capabilities, meaning everything can be seen and signed without a piece of paper ever coming into the mix. Changes can also be quickly disseminated to staff that can resign and return in seconds, without anyone having to go anywhere physically. All reminders are digitalized and can be moved to another person if the responsible person moves on in just a few clicks.

It makes sense to suggest that any forward-thinking company should start with an economical solution that is easy to manage and grow in even the earliest days of trading. While moving from a static system is a step in the right direction, it is still a more significant step than starting as you mean to go on in the first instance. Companies should be doing all they can to rid their offices of paper from the outset of their operations, not just when numbers suggest it is justifiable.

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