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How Can Organizations Reduce Cost of Workplace Injuries?

When planning your business strategy, one of the things you cannot overlook is workplace injuries’ real or potential costs. Such injuries in the workplace can lead to human suffering, total loss costs, physical damage, and loss of productivity for employers.

What is the Definition of Workplace Injury?

Any injury that occurs while in the course of employment is a workplace injury.

For organizations, it is necessary to have a module on-site to keep track of the cost of a workplace injury.

Preverly is the module designed to automate the process of incident management and reporting ultimately assisting in managing the cost of workplace injuries. Preverly is designed for use in a variety of industries in order to record, track, analyze, manage, and ultimately prevent incidents in the most efficient manner possible.

In any organization, workplace incidents can lead to a productivity loss of a major scale. Additionally, if a worker gets injured in the workplace, he or she may have to take leave, which can also impact other employees’ morale, as they may feel unsafe and, consequently, unmotivated in the workplace.

Additionally, losses such as damage to reputation and loss of goodwill associated with the company’s now tarnished image can be as significant as they are immeasurable.

Preventing incidents and creating a culture of safety awareness will ensure that the above does not occur and negatively affect your business.

Why do Organizations Need to Manage the Cost of Workplace Injuries?

In every organization, employee safety is said to be paramount. Yet every year thousands of work-related injuries still occur with the associated loss costs. What is apparent is that an impactful management solution like Preverly safety incident software should be in place in order to record, manage, analyze, track, and ultimately prevent incidents. Reporting of such incidents to the top-level executives in the organization is necessary in order to target loss causes and marshal resources to correct defects within the system.

Multiple injuries can happen on a day-to-day basis on a job site and keeping track of every incident is almost impossible. Preverly serves as a central repository for all the incidents and enables field workers to report the incident in real-time.

The safety observations management software serves as a database that helps top-level management review the reports and make decisions accordingly. In addition to this software also helps them keep track of each incident’s status, which is next to impossible with a manual method.

Moreover, organizations need an effective way to handle such situations to stay ahead in this competitive world and the advanced rules and regulations of government. As mentioned earlier keeping all the data online in a central repository will help organizations avoid lawsuits and other impediments that may hamper business productivity as well as create efficiencies in order to remove inefficiencies due to incidents.

Preverly is a smart safety incident management software in that it increases collaboration among departments and captures relevant data in the shortest time possible. Using Preverly in organizations is a productive, impactful way to reduce and track incidents. From cafeterias to corridors and from vehicles to actual job sites, incidents can happen anywhere.

With an automated system in place, it will be easy for management to keep all employees informed about safety measures and updated on new company policies in terms of safety.

Features at a Glance:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Cloud-Based Software
  • Web and App-Based
  • Fully Customizable
  • User-Friendly Experience
  • Also Operational in Offline Mode

In addition to this, employees of the same organization can connect through the online portal or application from different locations, cities, and states. Revealing the indirect cost of workplace injuries is sound practice and this software is capable to provide this effectively.

Furthermore, it can alert the near-miss (now called near-hits) events to the management at a remote location, with the help of a quick notification facility. If there’s impending danger, like fire or gas leakage, the software can offer an emergency broadcast system and ensure everyone knows what is occurring in real-time.

Key Benefits of Preverly Safety Tracking Software

  • Reduce efforts and make incident tracking easy for supervisors and managers at the work-site. E-mails and notifications are easy to send through the online portal.
  • Generate reports of KPIs of incidents. i.e., from collecting incident type to the recurring rate of an event.
  • Provides a smart guide for employees and field workers to report an accident or injury quickly.
  • Incident monitoring and storing of data in a centralized system.
  • Incident reports and documents can be stored in multiple forms, like PDF, Excel, audio, and videos.
  • Track incidents based on the job site, region, and working conditions.
  • Robust reporting, charting, and insights
  • Real-time data sharing

Implementing software for managing the cost of workplace injuries helps organizations reduce injuries in the workplace. If any incident happens, quick reporting of the event results in mitigating damage and makes management aware of the situation so that they can implement corrective measures. It also drives a constant effort of process improvement. As discussed above, evaluating the true cost of workplace injuries will help executives’ better plan for workplace improvements to reduce the incidence of work-related injuries and illnesses, property damage claims, and the indirect costs associated with both.

Furthermore, automating the complete process and increasing engagement through smart devices in safety will help in building a culture of safety among employees. As a result, organizations will see significant cost reductions due to less frequent and severe injuries.

Reducing Safety Costs with Preverly

Preverly can track near-miss (now called near-hits) incidents. Having this software on board will facilitate industries in optimizing performance and increase safety compliance.

You must now understand what the Preverly Incident Management Software System can do for you. The software is also very cost-effective. Don’t hesitate to connect with us at if you have any queries or wish to schedule a demo of the software.