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Why is Deployment of a Safety Management System Necessary for Organizations?

As an organization, are you doing enough to eliminate or control risks faced by your organization.

If your answer is “no” maybe what is now needed is a software system that can record, manage, analyse, and ultimately prevent incidents. The Preverly Incident Management System comes as SaaS. The software not only helps in the identification and reporting of incidents on-site but also assists in triggering corrective measures to prevent future incidents.

Safety management systems like Preverly will be a crucial differentiator in reducing the potential for incidents, managing the cost of doing business, and promoting a dynamic safety culture for all. It has the potential to prevent the actual disruption of business from occurring.

These are the common objectives of workplace safety management software:

  • Identification of incident
  • Incident reporting
  • Data collection regarding the incident
  • Categorization of the incident
  • Prioritization
  • Resolution

You are probably thinking what makes a safety management system so effective in ensuring safety in the workplace? Because it is a system-based approach that connects all relevant incident-susceptible areas of an organization and makes incident reporting processing workable in real-time. Safety management is primarily concerned with eliminating the possibility of physical injury and providing a safe work environment for employees, customers and the public. The safety management system can ensure the safety of all by raising alerts in advance or recommending immediate corrections in case any incident occurs.

How does a safety management system like Preverly actually work?

After deploying the software in an organization, employees can raise alerts in real-time of the hazard observations on-site through notifications and notify a responsible person about the safety hazards on-site. Through the inputs from this top safety management system, those responsible for safety in an organization along with management can target loss causes and marshal the necessary resources to correct defects within the system.

A systematic approach like this can assist in ensuring a safe work environment and an uninterrupted flow of work which will eventually improve an organization’s productivity. Moreover, it encourages a proactive approach to safety management, rather than a reactive approach, and ultimately improves resource allocation and reduces the cost of doing business.

Key Benefits of a Safety Management System like Preverly are:

  • Identify all high-risk areas on the production floor as well as in the field.
  • Manage every near-miss (now called near-hits) incident or actual incident
  • Monitor effectiveness of safety measures.
  • Enhance incident management techniques

Importance of Safety Management Software

Having a stand-alone safety management system onboard can eliminate serious on-site risks for an organization and make their safety efforts more reliable than ever. Moreover, after deploying a safety management system in the workplace, the chances of successfully evaluating and addressing safety risks will be significantly improved. The software can identify not only the causes of the incident but also the causal agents and environmental conditions present at the time of the incident.

A safety management system also promotes strategic communication between various departments of an organization. The sharing of safety management data contributes to a more coordinated and holistic approach.

A safety management system is developed to understand the real-time measures to be taken to ensure a safe working environment while also stressing continuous risk evaluation and internal accountability as equally essential elements of the safety program. Deploying this safety management system in an organization will reduce the risk of injuries and promote an influential safety culture.

Record keeping also plays a vital role in safety management. When an incident occurs all the records of that incident are needed to prepare and to be kept safe and secure for an extended period of time. Poor record keeping may be a reason for revenue loss for the organization, as the documents help in insurance claims adjusting and other legal formalities. While good safety practices should reduce the likelihood of lawsuits in the first place, a “paper trail” can bolster the company’s case by providing a track record of proper safety practices.

But the good news is that a safety management system like Preverly comes with a data entry facility, and one can also store incident-related data in the form of audio, video, or any other way. The data will be centralized and can be shared in real-time if needed.

Technology in businesses is designed to empower them and enable them to make better decisions and improve their work processes. A safety management system software like Preverly is a complete, end-to-end safety platform, that allows supervisors and managers to make better decision-making and supports workers to stay safe in the field.

Additionally, a safety management system like Preverly can work on any device, Smartphone, or laptop, and one can also work in offline mode. This means nothing gets missed by your field workers when they are working on-site.

Maybe you are using the traditional methods to manage safety in your organization or in the field. If so it is time to adopt the digital approach if you want to improve your businesses’ efficienciess, create a safe and healthful work environment and stay ahead in the competition. A safety management system like Preverly is developed with the latest technology and comes with modern features to provide a world-class safety environment to your workers.

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